We create customized online calculators to order for a site to any CMS. Calculator is a module through which your visitors will be able to calculate the cost of goods or services online on a web page. Our calculators can be built on a site with any CMS (control system).

If your site works on CMS WordPress, we can create a plug-in calculator with the ability to administer and change all input from the panel administrativanoy site. Setting a standard plug.

We do calculators based website design and adaptive layout, which means that the calculator will display correctly on all devices.

The cost of developing a calculator or a custom plugin

The price of the online calculator and plug-in exclusively individual. It depends on the size and complexity of the work. Development calculator starts at  5$,  from the plug –  15$. The cost calculator on this website is only  3$.

Setting calculators

Perhaps self-editing parameters for calculating the calculator, it is necessary to specify this capability by granting TK to create a calculator. For CMS WordPress customization and modification options will be derived from the administrative panel of the site. For others, the CMS will edit the raw data file, and then upload it to the server.

Setting the calculator to the website

Calculator provides customer with detailed installation instructions. At your request we can set the calculator to the site for free.

Online calculator will provide your site identity in the provision of service and interest from the side of the buyers, as they can not spend the extra time to calculate and place your order.

To order online calculator please contact us via the feedback form or email us:

  • e-mail – ad@wpcalc.com
  • Skype – dmytriy.lobov


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