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Acceleration units conversion

Use the following tool as an efficient solution for converting the acceleration measurements from one unit to another, thereby obtaining reliable and precise results in your calculations and analyses.

Converter of Acceleration Units

Units of Acceleration
Convert From
Rounded todecimals
meter/second2 (m/s2)
millimeter/second2 (cm/s2)
centimeter/second2 (cm/s2)
inch/second2 (in/s2)
foot/second2 (ft/s2)
yard/second2 (yd/s2)
miles/second2 (mile/s2)
kilometer/second2 (km/s2)
(Gravity)Free Fall (g)
galileo (gal)

What is Acceleration?

Acceleration is a fundamental concept in physics that describes the rate of velocity change over time. In simpler terms, it measures how quickly an object's speed changes. Acceleration can occur in different directions and can be positive (speeding up), negative (slowing down), or zero (constant speed).

The units used to measure acceleration depend on the system of measurement being used. The International System of Units (SI) measures acceleration in meters per second squared (m/s²). In the imperial and US customary systems, it is commonly measured in feet per second squared (ft/s²) or in gravity units (g), where 1 g is approximately equal to 9.81 m/s², the acceleration due to gravity on Earth's surface.

Our converter supports conversions between different units of acceleration, allowing users to work with the unit system that is most relevant to their application or preference.

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