Bench Press

Online fitness calculator estimates approximate one rep max (1 repetition maximum or 1RM) bench press. The bench press is an exercise term, in which the weightlifter lies on a bench in horizontal position with feet and raises a weight with both arms.

Calculate One Rep Max (1RM)

Enter Weight
Enter No. of Reps
Approx 1 rep max (1RM)

Formula for Bench Press

One rep max (1RM) = (-1.89 ) + (1.16 x W) + (1.68 x R)

  • W= Weight
  • R= Number of Repetition

Example for Bench Press

Find out the one rep max value if the weight of a person is 49 kg and number of repetition is 4.


Weight= 49 kg Number of Repetition= 4

To Find,

One repetition maximum value


Substitute the given values in the formula to find the one rep max value, =(-1.89 )+ (1.16 x W) + (1.68 x R) = (-1.89 )+ (1.16 x 49) + (1.68 x 4) = 61.67

Approx 1 rep max is 61.67



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