BUN to Creatinine Ratio

BUN denotes Blood Urea Nitrogen. BUN to creatinine ratio specifies the ratio of two serum laboratory values, the blood urea nitrogen and serum creatinine,this ratio is used to evaluate the cause of acute kidney damage.

Convert Blood Urea Nitrogen to Serum Creatinine

Blood Urea Nitrogen
Serum Creatinine
BUN to Creatinine Ratio (BUN:Cr)

Example to convert Blood Urea Nitrogen to Creatinine Ratio

Find out the BUN to creatinine ratio if blood urea nitrogen is 4 mg/dL and serum creatinine is 2 mg/dL.


Blood urea nitrogen= 4 mg/dL Serum creatinine = 2 mg/dL


BUN:Cr = Blood urea nitrogen / Serum creatinine = 4/2 = 2 : 1

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