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Entropy Conversions

The Entropy converter offers a valuable resource for navigating the complexities of entropy in diverse contexts. Whether you're dealing with entropy changes in a chemical reaction, entropy production in engineering systems, or entropy encoding in information theory, the following converter simplifies the process, providing accurate conversions between different units of entropy.

All Entropy units converter 


Entropy, a concept central to thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, represents the measure of disorder or randomness in a system. It is a fundamental property that quantifies the distribution of energy within a system, reflecting the degree of uncertainty or unpredictability in its microscopic configurations.

Entropy can be measured in various units depending on the context in which it is being used.

Abbreviations of the Entropy units:

BTU/pound°F (BTU/Ib°F) - British thermal unit per pound degree Fahrenheit

BTU/pound°R (BTU/Ib°R) - British thermal unit per pound degree Rankine

calorie/gram°C (cal/g °C) - calorie per gram degree Celsius

CHU/pound°C (CHU/Ib°C) - Centigrade Heat Units per pound degree Celsius

joule/kilogram°C (J/kg°C) - joule per kilogram degree Celsius

joule/kilogram K (J/kg K) - joule per kilogram degree Kelvin

kilocalorie/kilogram°C (kcal/kg °C) - kilocalorie per kilogram degree Celsius

kilojoule/kilogram°C (kJ/kg°C) - kilojoule per kilogram degree Celsius

kilojoule/kilogram K (kJ/kg K) - kilojoule per kilogram degree Kelvin

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