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Intermittent claudication test

Here is the online calculator to determine the Intermittent Claudication Total Score and 4-Year Probability of Intermittent Claudication in percentage. Intermittent Claudication is a symptom of muscle pain such as ache, cramp, numbness in calf muscle due to exercise or workout which is relieved by a short period of rest. This Intermittent Claudication Test Calculator works based on age, sex, serum cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, smoking habits and CHD of patients.

Test of Intermittent Claudication

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The Intermittent Claudication test is closely associated with early-stage peripheral artery disease and can progress to critical limb ischemia unless the risk factors are attended. If the score is <10 then the 4-year probability is <1% and if score is 30 then 4-year probability would be 28%.

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