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Kelvin to Celsius, Fahrenheit & more

Converting temperatures from Kelvin to other units is crucial in various scientific and engineering fields.
Use the following online converter to make your calculations accurate as well as simple.

Temperature converter


Why using the Kelvin temperature converter is useful:

Scientific Research: Many scientific experiments and calculations involve temperatures measured in Kelvin, especially in physics and chemistry. Converting these temperatures to other units like Celsius or Fahrenheit helps researchers communicate their findings more effectively.

Engineering Applications: Engineers often work with temperature data for designing systems and materials. Converting temperatures from Kelvin to units like Celsius or Fahrenheit allows engineers to make precise adjustments and ensure the efficiency and safety of their designs.

International Collaboration: Kelvin is the primary unit of temperature in the International System of Units (SI). However, different countries may use different temperature scales in everyday life. Converting temperatures from Kelvin to Celsius or Fahrenheit facilitates international collaboration by providing a common reference point.

Educational Purposes: Students learning about temperature scales and conversions benefit from using a temperature converter to explore the relationships between Kelvin and other units. It helps them grasp fundamental concepts in science and mathematics more effectively.

Practical Applications: In various industries such as aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and energy, precise temperature control is essential. Converting temperatures between Kelvin and other units allows professionals in these industries to monitor and adjust processes accurately.


Celsius (°C) = K−273.15

Fahrenheit (°F) = K × 1.8 − 459.67

Rankine (°R) = K * 1.8

Newton (°N) = (K – 273.15) * 33⁄100

Delisle (°De) =  (373.15 − K) * 1.5

Reaumur (°Re) = (K − 273.15) * 0.8

Rømer (°Rø) = (K − 273.15) * 21⁄40 + 7.5

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