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Reaumur to Celsius, Fahrenheit & more

Reaumur temperature converter provides you with a convenient tool for converting temperatures between Reaumur and other units.

Temperature converter


Whether for historical research, educational purposes, or practical applications in specialized fields, you can rely on this online tool to obtain accurate and efficient temperature conversions.

Converting temperatures from Reaumur to other units is beneficial for several reasons:

Historical and Cultural Context: Reaumur was historically used in France and some other European countries, particularly in the 18th and 19th centuries. While it's not as commonly used today, understanding and converting temperatures from Reaumur to other units can provide valuable historical and cultural insights, especially in studies related to the history of science and technology.

Educational Purposes: Learning about different temperature scales and conversions is essential in science education. By using a temperature converter to convert Reaumur to units like Celsius or Kelvin, students can deepen their understanding of temperature measurement systems and improve their skills in mathematical conversion.

Specialized Applications: In some specific fields or contexts, Reaumur may still be used or encountered. For example, historical records, literature, or specialized research might contain temperature data in Reaumur. Converting these temperatures to more commonly used units allows for better integration and comparison with modern data and standards.

International Collaboration: While Reaumur is not widely used globally, being able to convert temperatures from Reaumur to units like Celsius or Kelvin facilitates international collaboration in scientific research, education, and industry by providing a common reference point for temperature measurements.

While Reaumur may not be as commonly used as other temperature scales today, our temperature converter offers you the ability to convert temperatures from Reaumur to other units for a variety of purposes, including historical research, education, and specialized applications.


Celsius (°C) = °Re / 0.8

Fahrenheit (°F) = °Re * 2.25 + 32

Kelvin (K) = °Re / 0.8 + 273.15

Rankine (°R) = °Re *2.25 + 491.67

Newton (°N) = °Re * 33⁄80

Delisle (°De) = (80 − °Re) * 1.875

Rømer (°Rø) = °Re × 21⁄32 + 7.5

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