Stretch ceiling

WordPress Plugin to calculate the cost of the stretch ceiling. The plugin allows placing on the site page online calculator for calculating the cost of the stretch ceiling and sending the application to call a specialist. The plugin has a wide settings of the calculator with the ability to add an unlimited number of ceiling types. There is also an ability to edit the appearance of sending the application to the e-mail.


[alert style=”success”]When sending the application, you can enter your e-mail and get oredr’s data [/alert]

[calc en=19]

Features of the plugin stretch ceiling calculator:

  • adding several types of ceilings;
  • editing calculator buttons;
  • editing the text, in which the results display;
  • easy integration of the calculator into your website

Installing the plugin stretch ceiling calculator:

  1. Download the plugin folder in the directory «/wp-content/plugins/».
  2. Activate the plugin in the “Plugins” section in WordPress admin panel.
  3. Go to page «Wpc Ceiling» to configure the plugin.

The calculator is hosted by using the shortcode “wpcalc-ceiling”


If you want to make additional adjustments in the calculation or calculator display settings, we will do it for free if you have purchased the plugin.



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