Instantaneous water heater

Instantaneous water heater – water heater in which the heating capacity of a narrow tube. This leads to rapid heating of the water for a while, until it flows through the heating capacity (heat exchanger)

Calculation of parameters of flowing water heater

Power heater
Cold water temperature
The temperature of hot water

The calculator options instantaneous water heater may:

  • Determine the performance of instantaneous water heater, specifying its power and temperature of the hot and cold water
  • Determine power instantaneous water heater, specifying the required flow rate and temperature of the hot and cold water
  • Determine the maximum water temperature at the outlet of the flow heater, specifying the power consumption and the water temperature at the inlet to the unit
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Jackson Quinn

Jackson Quinn

Maintaining your water heater is definitely important. I am going to check mine as soon as I get home. I will evaluate any problems that I can find. Perhaps I will find something amiss. Do you think duct tape would seal cracks in the side?