Convert Atoms to Moles

The simple unit conversion tool which helps you to convert atoms to moles or moles to atoms units.

Unit Conversion – Moles to Atoms



Mole = Atom * 6.0221415E+23

Atom = Mole / 6.0221415E+23


  • Atom = Number of atoms
  • 1 Mole = 6.0221415E+23 Atom

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Most ppl dislike this but that’s because they dont fking know how to use it.
1.8051e+24 <<< if you want to input atom amount it should be expressed this way, not as 1.8051 * 10^+24, otherwise it wont work.

Epson G Fernandez

Epson G Fernandez

how many moles of co2 for 3.60 × 10^24 molecules of carbon dioxide

Epson G Fernandez

Epson G Fernandez

3.60 × 1024 molecules of carbon dioxide