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Metric Prefixes Conversion

This converter supports a wide range of metric prefixes, allowing you to convert between units across different magnitudes, from the smallest to the largest scales.
Input the value you need, select the desired starting prefix, and get a quick and accurate result.

Metric units converter

yotta (Y)
zetta (Z)
exa (E)
peta (P)
tera (T)
giga (G)
mega (M)
kilo (k)
hecto (h)
deka (da)
deci (d)
centi (c)
milli (m)
micro (µ)
nano (n)
pico (p)
femto (f)
atto (a)
zepto (z)
yocto (y)

Table of metric prefixes, symbols, factors with examples

YottaY10241 Yottaampere (YA)
ZettaZ10211 Zettameter (Zm)
ExaE10181 Exabyte (EB)
PetaP10151 Petagram (Pg)
TeraT10121 Terahertz (THz)
GigaG1091 Gigawatt (GW)
MegaM1061 Megabyte (MB)
Kilok1031 Kilogram (kg)
Hectoh1021 Hectoliter (hL)
Dekada1011 Dekameter (dam)
Decid10−11 Decimeter (dm)
Centic10−21 Centimeter (cm)
Millim10−31 Milligram (mg)
Microµ10−61 Micrometer (µm)
Nanon10−91 Nanosecond (ns)
Picop10−121 Picogram (pg)
Femtof10−151 Femtometer (fm)
Attoa10−181 Attosecond (as)
Zeptoz10−211 Zeptogram (zg)
Yoctoy10−241 Yoctometer (ym)

These prefixes represent factors of 10 raised to various powers, either positive or negative, and are used to denote multiples or fractions of the base unit. They are commonly used in scientific and engineering fields to express quantities across different orders of magnitude.

This Metric Prefixes Converter offers a convenient, accurate, and versatile tool for transforming one metric unit into many others, enabling you to work with measurements more efficiently and effectively in various fields and applications.

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