Bruce Protocol

The Bruce Protocol Treadmill stress Test / Vo2 max calculator can be used to calculate approximate Vo2 max which is a measure of cardiovascular fitness , expressed in mL O2 consumed/kg body weight/minute. This method has 10 stages, with each stage lasting 3 minutes and increasing both speed and slope with each successive stage. It tests the athlete’s health in terms of cardiovascular fitness and resistance levels

Vo2 Max Calculator

Total Running Time(minutes)
Estimate of VO2 max

Formula for Bruce Protocol

The formula for men is: VO2 max = 14.8 – (1.379 * T) + (0.451 * T2) – (0.012 * T3)

The formula for women is: VO2 max = 4.38 * T – 3.9

  • T = Total Running time in minutes.


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