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Burned Calories

Calories are normally present in the food we eat each day. It plays an important part in weight and health status of a person. This tutorial explains how to burn the excess calories from our body.

Burned Calories Calculator

Formula for Burned Calories

CB = (W*N/S)*distance

  • W = weight
  • N = Net value
  • S = Walking Pace

Walking pace222.5344.5567
Net Value22.533.556.389.511

Example to Calculate Burned Calories

A person weighs 54kg, walks a distance of 2 miles and his walking pace is 2mph. Calculate the calories to be burned for that person.

Given :

  • Weight(W) = 54
  • Net Value(N) = 2
  • Walking Pace(S) = 2
  • Distance = 2

To Find :

Calories Burned

Solution :

Substitute the given values in the formula,

d=d*1.609344=2*1.609344=3.21869 Km

CB = ((54*2)/2)*3.21869

     = 173.88

Result :

Calories to be burned = 173.88 calories

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