Karvonen Formula

Karvonen method is used to find the target heart rate when you exercise or work out based on heart rate reserve (HRR). The method was formulated by a Scandinavian physiologist. HRR is the difference between the maximum heart rate and resting heart rate. This online karvonen formula calculator is used to find the target training heart rate.

Calculator of Karvonen Heart Rate

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Formula of Karvonen Heart Rate

h = r – m

h = 220 – a – r ( if , Gender is Male and Age given )

h = 226 – a – r ( if , Gender is Female and Age given )

s = m * p

k = h * p + r

  • h = Heart Rate Reserve
  • r = Resting Heart Rate
  • m = Maximum Heart Rate
  • a = Age
  • p = Table Percentage Value
  • s = Standard Value
  • k = Karvonen Value

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