Carboplatin AUC dose

Carboplatin is a chemotherapy drug used to treat a number of cancers.

AUC (Area Under the Curve) – the area under the pharmacokinetic curve – the concentration-time curve (change in the concentration of the active substance in plasma or serum over time).

This online calculator allows you to find the AUC of carboplatin for a patient using the Calvert formula.

Calculator of Carboplatin AUC dose


Formula of Carboplatin AUC dose

GFR for Male = (((140-age) / serum creatinine) * 1) × (weight (kg) / 72)

GFR for Female = (((140-age) / serum creatinine) * 0.85) × (weight (kg) / 72)

Carboplatin Dose = Target AUC * (GFR + 25)

  • GFR = Glomerular filtration rate

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